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Septic Poem Post this clever poem in each bathroom to teach your guests about Rural Septic Systems!

Grill Safety Instructions  Keep your property Fire Safe! Post this in your cabin and in your owners book.

Black Bear Safety Techniques   Help your guests be Bear Aware with the help of these U.S. Forest Service Tips

How To Keep Your Rental From Becoming a Nuisance Read these helpful hints to landlording success!

Cool Memes to Share in Facebook!


To Share this Art in Facebook:

Right click on the image and “Save As” on your desktop.

Then, go to your facebook or twitter account, upload it as a photo.

Last write (or copy) a status update which includes our website URL.

This will drive lots of people to our site for more information!



Sample status updates (Feel free to use or change):

I HEART Rental Cabins, They bring NICE folks to see us!

Support our Local Economy. Be hospitable not hostile to visitors.

As a small business, I depend on tourism!

Most of us have been tourists. Let’s welcome strangers to our town!





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