BWcabintouristwelcome-600x133News Coverage of the Issue

Supervisors Deny Rental Permit — NV Daily

Panel Backs Few Changes to Rental Rules  — NV Daily

Tourists Boost Local Economy — NV Daily

Rental Restriction Mayor & CC — Letter from Coldwell Banker Property Management to Ocean City, Maryland Mayor

8/19: Ocean City, MD Hearing on Weekly Rentals

8/29:  Planning Commission Tackles Short Term Rental Issue –NV

Early September Issue:   Board proceeds with caution on short-term rentalsWarren County Report

8/19:   Warren County board delays action on tourist

Early August Issue:   County backs off short-term rental cease and desist ordersWarren County Report

Mid August Issue:   Rental Hostility-Unintended Consequences op-ed from our Alliance’s executive director  —Warren County Report

8/16:   Warren County planners table more rental

8/13:   Five short-term rental CUP (Conditional Use Permit) applications were heard before the Warren County Planning and Zoning Department and all five were tabled without any recommendation to the Board pending review of the CUP process by the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors.

8/6:   An email from our district Supervisor advises that: “Doug [the County Administrator] and I [in] doing some research on the rental business, have found many many places all over the country dealing with the same issue – this is just one of many articles in papers across the county- so it’s not just here.” And he referenced an Austin realtor’s blog.

8/5:   Tourist rentals get temporary

Early August Issue:   Where will the short-term rental denial dominoes lead?Warren County Report

7/31:   READ our executive director’s opinion editorial OpinionWarren County Sentinel

7/30:   NV Daily Breaks the News About our Alliance!  Fallout Over Vacation Rental Rules

7/16:   Warren County Puts Rental Requests on

6/12:   Tourist Rentals Become Hot Topic in Warren

4/9:   Short Term Rental DebateUSA Today

4/23/12:   Warren County Board of Supervisors Approves Occupancy Ordinance

7/7/07:   Scott vs. Walker Virginia Supreme Court refuses to enforce ambiguous restrictive covenants —

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